Work. It’s a loaded word, and it's increasingly come to mean so many things to so many people. While it used to be simply a means to an end, work can now be one of the most meaningful elements of our lives.


We thought about the significant shift in the way we work now and we created MADE IN GLOBAL because we couldn’t find the products we wanted, at a feel-good price, designed for our lives on the move. We wanted the unicorn: elegant, minimalist accessories, devoid of logos and excess, made from really good leather, and shaped into contemporary silhouettes yet lightweight enough to respect functionality.


In a refined colour palette, MADE IN GLOBAL products are flawlessly crafted from the softest, most carefully selected skins in Florence’s best factories that uphold generations of craftsmanship tradition and have experience creating for the world’s oldest luxury houses. Our utility-focused designs are functional modern classics that go beyond trends, defined by bold shapes, clean lines, hand-polished hardware and subtle detailing. We are a season-less global brand, so you will always find the right piece for what your day looks like.


Our brand is called MADE IN GLOBAL primarily as it reflects our story as founders. From our hometowns in England and Argentina, we moved to our capital cities, London and Buenos Aires (for work, of course). Serendipitously, we met in Rio de Janeiro and had the luck to live in Brazil before our journey took us to Miami and New York, where we worked in media, and then yet again back to London where MADE IN GLOBAL is based. We love the notion of an 'open world' and believe that when it comes to the important things, we are all the same, and we are all increasingly ‘made in global’.


Whether your work involves family, travel, your passion or your purpose, or perhaps a combination of all of those things, we hope to equip you with accessories to take you through the full gamut.  


Italian Luxury. For the way we work now.

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