Jet-Set-Go: Our Best Travel Bags

Jet-Set-Go: Our Best Travel Bags

While at the onset of a trip, it may seem that any old travel bag will do, the never-ending journey to your destination and trying to fit one more thing after one more thing tends to demonstrate otherwise. The constant shuffling of things from home to the airport, through security, on-board, and en route to your hotel can often drive one mad - especially while usually handling boarding passes, trying not to lose one's passport and ensuring those mini toiletries don't spill unto anything important. We designed all of our MADE IN GLOBAL bags with this need for functionality in mind, but we'd like to highlight the Caballito Backpack and the Congreso Briefcase as our most travel-ready styles.

travel backpack

The Caballito Backpack (above) is a smart wear-anywhere unisex backpack so lightweight you can pack it with cabin essentials, remain hands-free and it’s still ultra comfortable for your back. 

Ideal for business travellers, and crafted from the most durable Florentine leather, the Congreso Briefcase is a sleek style that fits everything from your laptop to a full toiletries bag.

The briefcase looks streamlined and compact, yet is deceptively roomy. There are an array of pockets to keep things neat, and its minimalist style blends with the backdrop of any city.

We also can't talk travel without mentioning the San Telmo Backpack. Unisex and spacious, it's an all-rounder with a luxe leather finish. Pictured in Beverly Hills c/o @charlieirons.  

Discover more bags perfect for your journey below. Don't forget to use the code INTRO30 at check-out for 30% off.

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