Behind The Buenos Aires Collection

Behind The Buenos Aires Collection

Inspired by one of our founder’s fond memories of her time living in Argentina’s capital, each style from the debut Buenos Aires Collection is named after one of the city’s distinctive neighbourhoods or barrios.

Whether you are planning a trip to the city or getting inspired, here’s a brief insider’s guide to the five barrios behind the Buenos Aires Collection and the styles they influenced…


Buenos Aires Guide

Photo: Bar Plaza Dorrego / Patrick Donovan / Flickr


San Telmo

If you want to experience Buenos Aires at its most authentic, then San Telmo should be at the top of your list. It’s the oldest neighbourhood in the city, and has old colonial architecture and cobbled streets for days. Don’t miss the Bar Plaza Dorrego - its walls are covered in vintage tango memorabilia.

San Telmo Backpack

Adding a fresh feel to a design classic, our unisex San Telmo Backpack was inspired by this neighbourhood’s modern yet distinctly authentic vibe.


Buenos Aires Guide


Spending time in Recoleta will have you feeling a bit like you’ve been transported to the Left Bank. Sip a cortado at one of the neighbourhood’s sleek pavement cafés surrounded by French-inspired architecture to experience the merging of old-world and new-world that makes Buenos Aires unique. Stop by El Ateneo Grand Splendid - it’s a beautiful bookstore housed in a 100-year-old theatre.

Recoleta Bag

Fusing classic style with modern finishing, it’s easy to see how the Recoleta Bowling Bag was designed with this barrio in mind.


Buenos Aires Guide


The streets of Palermo Soho and Palermo Hollywood are the equivalent of London’s South Kensington. Complete with museums and art galleries, Palermo is also the best place for shopping, as it’s the home of many of the city’s independent boutiques. Don’t miss the botanical gardens.

Palermo Backpack

As sleek and sophisticated as the chicas who frequent it, it’s no wonder this neighbourhood inspired our women’s Palermo Backpack.


Buenos Aires Guide


A particular kind of Latin American corporate chic. Home of the grand Palacio del Congreso, the streets of this political neighbourhood are filled with lawmakers, lobbyists and journalists, who can also be found after-hours frequenting the area’s speakeasy bars.

Congreso Briefcase

Naturally, this all-business atmosphere inspired the Congreso Briefcase.


Buenos Aires Guide


Buenos Aires can be loud. Escape the capital’s hustle and bustle by heading to this off-the-beaten-track barrio with its distinctly down-to-earth vibe. While away the hours at one of its corner cafés or under the shade of one of Parque Rivadavia’s majestic trees, or take Caballito's vintage tram.

Caballito Backpack

Fuss-free, the pared-down Caballito Backpack was inspired by the relaxed atmosphere of this quieter quarter of the city.


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